El Bronx Remembered


By Nicholasa Mohr


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In a city called New York …
In a neighborhood called El Bronx …

The Fernandex children own a very special pet: A white hen named after their favorite Hollywood movie star.
A new girl comes to school – a gypsy child who can read palms and foretell the future.
A young boy must face the humiliation of wearing his uncle’s orange roach-killer shoes to his high school graduation.
In the South Bronx – or El Bronx, as it’s known to the people who live there – anything can happen. A migrant “fresh off the boat” from Puerto Rico can be somebody on the mainland, pursue the American Dream … and maybe even make it come true.

Here are stories that capture the flavor and beat of El Bronx in its heyday, from 1946-1956.

A New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year
Finalist, 1976 National Book Award for Children’s Literature
A Notable Children’s Trade Book in Social Studies (NCSS/CBC)

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