The Book Junkie Podcast – Episode #5 The Crossover ft. Chauncey Brown

Episode #5- The Crossover ft. Chauncey Brown

Kwame Alexander’s bestselling book, The Crossover, gives a fascinating glimpse into the world of 12-year-old Josh, a twin and basketball star in his hometown. ┬áThis book shows some very interesting family dynamics and highlights the impact that a parent’s actions can have on their children. Today, I spoke to one of my friends Chauncey about;

  • Family Dynamics
  • Growing Up
  • How sports can relate to real life

This book shows how difficult growing up can be for some teenagers and how important it is for parents to make sure they are healthy enough to care for their children

Topics Tackled in the Story

The relation between basketball and life is a large theme throughout The Crossover. The writing is also completely in poem, which makes the story even more interesting to read! Here are some infographics about basketball and poetry!

Infographic found on:

Listen to the Podcast Episode!

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