The Book Junkie Podcast is an opportunity for teens to discuss societal issues using contemporary young adult literature as inspiration.  This podcast is not only for teenagers but also for adults to see society through the eyes of the upcoming generation.  Each episode will contain a conversation where I will either convince one of my peers to read a book I enjoyed or I will interview the author of a Young Adult novel.  Through these engaging conversations, listeners will be enlightened and intrigued to hear firsthand how meaty, relevant discussions are born out of diverse Young Adult literature.                                                                                             

– Ssanyu Lukoma, CEO and Founder of Brown Kids Read

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Why Book Junkie?

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why in the world should I listen to The Book Junkie Podcast?

This podcast was created to give teenagers a safe space to express themselves while connecting to representative literature. Parents, educators, and other listeners should come along for the ride so that they can learn what kind of books get teenagers excited to read!  There is educational value because it helps teens think more critically about the books they read and makes it easier for them to make real-life connections. 

The release date is Saturday, May 23rd! 

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To celebrate the release of The Book Junkie Podcast, I have scheduled two interviews that will take place over Instagram Live!  You will have the chance to win fun prizes and to hear about the authors’ experiences!