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Ayesha Rodriguez is a children’s diversity author, speaker, educator and entrepreneur dedicated to creating self-affirming, confidence-building products for children of all colors, hair types and abilities.

As a diversity champion, Ayesha’s literary works have sold over 30,000 copies, reaching the top 10 on Amazon’s list of best-selling self-esteem and children’s boys & men’s books. She has been featured in major publications such as The Huffington Post and several local news outlets. With thousands of copies sold, a long list of media hits, it’s clear that everyday parents and celebrities cherish Ayesha’s books.

Her efforts to showcase just how much representation matters doesn’t stop with her best-selling books, “I Am … Positive Affirmations for Brown Boys” and “I Am…Positive Affirmations for Brown Girls.” She’s also the founder of diversity-affirming clothing and the apparel brand, “The Aye Am Collection.”

From dark brown- to fair-skinned, kinky to straight-haired, or from glasses to wheelchairs, Ayesha is a champion for ensuring our brown children see positive, relatable characters that remind them of their self-worth, intelligence and beauty.

Whether she’s captivating audiences speaking at the Early Learning Coalition, leading self-esteem workshops for children or cultivating student leaders in the classroom, she celebrates children’s diversity no matter the setting.

If you want to fill in the diversity gaps in your child’s education, Ayesha Rodriguez will show you the way. Contact her here to find out more.

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