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Jonathan Marshall is a poet, writer, and author of the new book, I’ll Be Right There. Jonathan has spent the last decade and a half working with youth from various backgrounds. He works full time as a Academic Outreach Manager at Eastern University. He attended Eastern University where he studied Early Childhood Education. He is a person who likes to create things. Some things he likes to make: Children’s books. Images. Mystery meals. Although originally from Camden, New Jersey, he now lives in Philadelphia’s suburbs with his wife, their two boys, and their beta fish Stripe.


“This a a great book, especially for Dads to read to their littles. It is beautifully illustrated and it rhymes, so it’s very appealing to young ones.This is a must buy and add to your kids bedtime collection!”  

“‘We loved this book! I am a career educator and one of the things I look for in an early childhood book is repetitions as memorization is one of the first steps toward reading. My son is 3 and he was able to repeat the hook before we even made it halfway through the book! That makes it a great read for my little guy!”‘ 

 “‘What a great way to reassure our kids that we’ll always be there for them. They are exposed to so many things for which they have no control. Also reinforces the important role our fathers play in children’s lives. Highly recommend this short, well illustrated book!”‘

 “‘A comforting rhyming book, prefect for bedtime, that reminds our children the people who love them are here for them no matter what. The illustrations are charming and I love that the dad is the hero. We could use more children’s book like this that portray black fathers in a positive light.”

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